Month: October 2019

5 Facts about Hearing Loss that Might Surprise You

October 20, 2019 | Helpful Tips

1. Hearing loss is not just a part of the natural aging. It is a common misconception that hearing loss only occurs in elderly individuals, but it can actually happen at any point in life. In fact, children and teens are experiencing hearing loss at a higher rate than ever before. 2. Loud noise is […]

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Receiver in the Canal signia hearing aid Styletto

When it Comes to Hearing Aids, Why Choose the Styletto?

October 6, 2019 | Product Reviews

For many, hearing aids make a life-changing difference. It is estimated that 48 million Americans have some form of hearing loss, and the majority of those individuals could benefit from hearing aids. Like any other technology, hearing aids have made significant advancements to offer a better listening experience. While hearing aids of the past would […]

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