5 Facts about Hearing Loss that Might Surprise You

October 20, 2019 | Helpful Tips

1. Hearing loss is not just a part of the natural aging.

It is a common misconception that hearing loss only occurs in elderly individuals, but it can actually happen at any point in life. In fact, children and teens are experiencing hearing loss at a higher rate than ever before.

2. Loud noise is dangerous!

Noise-induced hearing loss can occur when you are exposed to noise of 85 decibels or more. Noise sources such as power tools, rock concerts, restaurants, children’s toys, and electronic devices can reach decibel levels that damage hearing. To prevent this, limit loud noise exposure as much as possible and wear hearing protection in any noisy situation.

3. Hearing loss is closely related to other health conditions.

Studies show that untreated hearing loss is connected to a number of other health conditions including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, dementia, depression, and increased falls due to improper balance.

4. You should be getting regular hearing evaluations.

You and your family members of all ages should be getting regular hearing evaluations—just like you get your teeth cleaned or vision checked! This ensures signs of hearing loss are not overlooked and all of your needs are being addressed.

5. Hearing aids can greatly improve your quality of life.

While there is no cure for hearing loss, hearing aids can help you reconnect with all the sounds of life, improve communication with family and friends, and improve overall health and well. Today’s hearing technology provides a more natural listening experience, and there are a variety of hearing aids available to suit any lifestyle.