Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Barron at the new Cochlear Implant Center with students from Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf


January 6, 2020 | Latest News

The Center for Hearing Health held a ribbon cutting for our new Cochlear Implant (CI) Suite, which will launch services sometime in mid-January 2020.  The Cochlear Implant Suite was able to come to fruition through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Manuel H. Barron.  They are the donors of this project.  On December 6, 2019, many gathered to celebrate the ribbon cutting for the CI suite.  Among the people attending were professionals from all over Long Island, including speech language pathologists, audiologists, hearing aid representatives from various manufacturers and many Mill Neck staff, including DEC students.

Mr. Barron spoke from his heart and expressed how he wanted to “give back” because he felt he has been blessed with wonderful audiological services and the ability to access improved hearing from different modalities and devices.

The Center for Hearing Health CI Suite has collaborated with the renowned Weill-Cornell Medical Center  Hearing Center under the direction of Dr. Joseph Montano.  The staff works closely with CI surgeon, Dr. Alexiades.  The center at Mill Neck is now part of the Cochlear Provider Network, we will be able to provide services across Long Island, and more importantly, we will be able to offer services to the children implanted in the Deaf Education Center on Campus.

The CI Suite is fully equipped with a room for mapping, three activity cubicles for implant users to access rehabilitative information and material to help them get the best performance from their implant.  There is also an area to hold family discussions, which is an important part of the implant process.

This addition to the Center for Hearing Health will enhance our services and complete us as a full service audiological center.