Free Hearing Screenings East Norwich Library

December 17, 2018 |
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January 17, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
East Norwich Library
89 East Main Street
Oyster Bay
NY 11771
Dr. Susan Antonellis
(516) 628 4300

Audiology Van

Do you notice that you or a loved one has trouble hearing? If so — we can help! Get a FREE hearing screening in the CHH Audiology Van.

Some hearing aid checks and consults can also be performed.

You might have hearing loss if you . . .

  • require frequent repetition
  • have difficulty following conversations
  • think that other people sound muffled or you think they may be mumbling
  • have difficulty hearing in noisy situations such as restaurants, malls, parties or other crowded events
  • have trouble hearing children and women
  • have your TV, radio or smart speaker turned up to a high volume
  • have a family history of hearing loss
  • take medications that can harm the hearing system
  • have diabetes, thyroid, heart, circulation problems
  • have been exposed to loud sounds over a long period of time or single exposure to explosive noise