There Is So Much More Than Amplification!

January 6, 2020 | Helpful Tips

I am sure we have all heard many people complain about their hearing aid. In fact, many people who have a hearing aid think for some reason they can hear from their pocketbook, their pocket or their dresser draw. I hate to disappoint but the hearing aids will not work from those locations—there is no magic beam.

However, there are assistive devices and accessories that can help you. These devices will supplement your hearing aid performance. There are various devices available depending on your needs. Be sure to check the manufacturer of your hearing aids and see what accessories are available to you. Many ald devices can also help those who have cochear implants.
If you have trouble on the telephone, there are various telephones that amplify and allow captions to come across a screen for you to view. Some examples are caption call, captel & clear options. In most cases these telephones can be installed at no fee to the consumer.

If you have trouble with the television even with your hearing aids, there is a device called tv aid. This enables you to amplify the television to a comfortable volume for you without interfering with others and it eliminates outside noise. However, you may have access to an accessory that can be attached to your television that will send the signal directly into your hearing aids via bluetooth. Check with the manufacturer to see if they offer that capability.

There are also many apps available for the hard of hearing and deaf. You can obtain many of them for no fee. To name a few: Starkey Hear Coach, Oticon Medical, TV Louder, Sound Relief, Simon Says, Sound Explorer, Pic Sentence Lite, Planet Hearwell and Academy Teacher Squadron. In addition, there is computer software available for the hard of hearing; the listening and communication enhancement program (lace)—this is a series of listening exercises that you can practice at home with your hearing aids. You can track your progress. The listening room also has several exercises for practice in discrimination and earobics, which is also a program to help children who have difficulty with phonemic awareness and processing problems. Also, remember; if possible- request a telecoil in your hearing aid or implant—then you will be able to take advantage of any looped environment. Many public systems and conference rooms are looped—just look for this sign:

Now that I have bombarded you with all this information, please let me offer you an invitation to visit the ALD room at the center for hearing health. You will be able to try any of the devices I mentioned to see if they would be helpful to you before you acquire them. If you would like a demonstration of any of the equipment, please call our office for an appointment at 516-628-4300.